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  • Alan Conrad Bovik’s passion for science fiction inspired him to pursue a career in engineering. His favorite sci-fi authors when he was young were Arthur C. Clarke, who penned 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Isaac Asimov, author of the Foundation series. Bovik says they wrote from a “very scientific point of view”—which made him want […]
  • With IP law firms under increasing pressure to meet client expectations faster and more efficiently, many practices are turning to creative workflow solutions and new staffing models. Register now for this free webinar.Join us for the upcoming webinar, Driving IP Law firm growth amidst staffing and market challenges, as our in-house experts, with combined 40+ […]
  • Jack Dongarra’s dream job growing up was to teach science at a public high school in Chicago. “I was pretty good in math and science, but I wasn’t a particularly good student,” Dongarra says, laughing. After he graduated high school, there was only one university he wanted to attend: Chicago State. That’s because, he says, […]
  • Every day thousands of weather balloons are released all over the world, using radiosondes to measure pressure, relative humidity, and temperature. The balloons aren’t environmentally friendly, though, in part because they’re made out of nonrecyclable materials such as latex. Also, there’s a lot of waste.After a few hours in the air, a weather balloon bursts […]
  • Because most of the ocean’s vast area is far from land, it can be dangerous and expensive for crewed vessels to conduct research expeditions. This spurred Julie Angus to cofound the startup Open Ocean Robotics to design, build, and operate oceangoing uncrewed surface vehicle (USV) drones. She is the company’s CEO.“Our planet’s oceans are full […]