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  • “Energy and information are two basic currencies of organic and social systems,” the economics Nobelist Herb Simon once observed. A new technology that alters the terms on which one or the other of these is available to a system can work on it the most profound changes.” Electric vehicles at scale alter the terms of […]
  • The global business landscape is constantly evolving. Digital transformation— compounded by the challenges of globalization, supply-chain stability, demographic shifts, and climate change—is pressuring companies and government agencies to innovate and safely deploy sustainable technologies.As digital transformation continues, the pervasive growth of technology increasingly intersects with industry, government, and societal interests. Companies and organizations need access […]
  • After a two-year hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic, attendance at this year’s IEEE TryEngineering Summer Institute grew more than 100 percent compared with 2020, with 314 students attending. First offered in 2018, the summer camp program gives teens an opportunity to explore a variety of engineering disciplines through hands-on design challenges, field trips, industry […]
  • To stop the spread of disinformation on the Internet, do away with the current advertising-driven business model and instead let consumers sell their own data, IEEE Member Siavash Alamouti says. The crux of the problem, the wireless innovator says, is that model: Making money from ads and page views is encouraging people to share false […]
  • Diana Gamzina is on a mission to drastically reduce the price of millimeter-wave power amplifiers. The vacuum-electronics devices are used for communication with distant space probes and for other applications that need the highest data rates available.The amplifiers can cost as much as US $1 million apiece because they’re made using costly, high-precision manufacturing and […]