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IEEE Spectrum Geek Life Channel

Technology reviews, profiles, DIY projects, and articles about technology tools and toys and tech history.
  1. A playful headpiece called Agent Unicorn incorporates an EEG that detects P300, the neural signature of attention
  2. Manchester’s Baer Commemorative Square will celebrate the Father of Video Games
  3. A slowing rate of improvement hints at a looming asymptote, at least on a population-wide basis
  4. A self-taught engineer builds Tesla coils for fun and profit
  5. An ink stain on the floor led to a lifetime of building micro devices and sensors and macro companies


  • Materiale del corso Accertamento di Abilità Informatiche Progredite (REL @SPES): Ariel
  • Materiale del Laboratorio di Informatica (CES @SPES): jli!

Corsi UniCatt

UniCatt: Blackboard

Corsi DSA - inclusione

Corsi su utilizzo di strumenti digitali per DSA, inclusione, BES, DVA.

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