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IEEE Spectrum Geek Life Channel

Technology reviews, profiles, DIY projects, and articles about technology tools and toys and tech history.
  1. To write his new novel, Red Moon, the sci-fi author became an expert on lunar colony tech
  2. Lauren Race has refined circuit symbols for use in tactile diagrams
  3. Celebrate the first moon landing with a GPS clock that uses Apollo-era panel meters
  4. A new graphic novel explores the forgotten history of the ELEA 9003, one of the first transistorized digital computers
  5. The demonstration prompted the United States to enter the race to space


  • Materiale del corso Accertamento di Abilità Informatiche Progredite (REL @SPES): Ariel
  • Materiale del Laboratorio di Informatica (CES @SPES): jli!

Corsi UniCatt

UniCatt: Blackboard

Corsi DSA - inclusione

Corsi su utilizzo di strumenti digitali per DSA, inclusione, BES, DVA.

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