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IEEE Spectrum Geek Life Channel

IEEE Spectrum Geek Life recent content
  1. A replica of the Sinclair Scientific demonstrates how a cheap chip was tricked into performing miracles
  2. More great kits, live events, and how you can help fight COVID-19 with a Pi
  3. A DIY experiment at IBM Research–Europe became a valuable tool

  4. The video game pioneer explains how he introduced Steve Wozniak to the hack that gave the Apple II its color—and the origin of Pong’s famous blip sound
  5. Focus on what health workers actually need, rather than what you think you can invent


  • Materiale del corso Accertamento di Abilità Informatiche Progredite (REL @SPES): Ariel
  • Materiale del Laboratorio di Informatica (CES @SPES): jli!

Corsi UniCatt

UniCatt: Blackboard

Corsi DSA - inclusione

Corsi su utilizzo di strumenti digitali per DSA, inclusione, BES, DVA.

I materiali sono pubblicati su Slideshare.